To the End and Back


(Photo By: Magnolialux)

When I was young I observed the world primarily from a distance.  I didn’t trust many people.  Everything I learned was from observation and not many people showed me anything that I liked.  We moved around quite a bit during this time and I had a hard time making friends.  I found a lot of solace in watching television and playing games by myself.  A lot of people were amazed by the things that I knew from sitting and watching everyone around me.


(Photo By: Ludwig)

Around the sixth grade I really started to stand out in school and teachers started to notice me.  With their attention came the attention of a lot of students.  Some of which wanted to make fun of me for being quiet but there were a good few that were interested in what little I did have to say.  I started to like them more and even started to let myself out of my controlled world every now and then.  They still are some of my best friends.


(Photo By: jlaytarts2090)

In High School it was discovered that I was also good at sports.  I tried a couple in Middle School but never stood out.  I made my debut and started coasting through school.  It was fun and I started to enjoy the attention.  I guess you could say that I exploded from my shell.  I went from crawl to sprint.  The teachers knew I was a clown but they couldn’t say much being I was getting good grades.  To this day I wish that I would have put more effort into the grades and the sports.  I think I would have been in a lot different place by this point.


(Photo By: Steven Damron)

After High School I decided to go to college.  I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to be but I figured it would be better than nothing.  I partied a lot and eventually after a couple years started to skip a lot of classes.  My grades started to drop but I wasn’t to worried.  They were still good enough.  I used to drive a lot when I was drunk.  I used every excuse to justify it but none of them were good.  I got caught.  Twice.  This is the point that I learned that the money aspect of getting a DUI is not the worst part.  The worst part is that for an undetermined amount of years every job and person you talk to about it is going to judge you.  I know that 6-7 years later it is still a major issue.


(Photo By: Army ROTC)

A few years ago I started evaluating myself for the better.  I looked at everything from my actions to the thought processes behind them.  I made a lot of changes in my behaviors to correct my life.  To make a better life for myself.  The biggest change that other people noticed was that I got into really good shape.  I scored my first 300 on my Army PT test last year.  It felt great.  Finishing college is my goal now.  I will finish college and make my life better.  I now know to always try and improve yourself.  Once you accomplish something then it is time to set your sights again.


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