What is Digital Literacy

Before I tell you what I have learned about digital literacy I think it is only appropriate to tell you what I thought this class was going to be.  I really was hoping that this class was about how to use proper grammar when conveying information in a text message or any other avenue that we use to send information.  It drives me crazy to have to decode everybody’s text messages.  However, digital literacy is each persons ability to absorb, process, and convey information across many different avenues in this highly digitally connected world.  To be able to be proficient at digital literacy you need to be fluent in what you are doing.  I am not fluent.  I am the opposite of fluent.  Being fluent in digital literacy is takes the same amount of work as being fluent in a new language.  It takes a lot of practice.  I didn’t practice.  About a year and a half ago I deleted my Facebook that I had for a long time and have been living without social media ever since.  Although, I will have to admit to being a partial cheater.  I have Snapchat.  I use it for the bare minimum of receiving pictures of my nieces and nephew.  I will say that I think I am pretty proficient in communicating across email and text messages.  Speaking of email, when did it become the norm to send somebody an email with a request and not at least have a greeting in there?  I don’t like that.  To me that is the same as walking up and telling somebody what you want without saying hello first.  To me this should be part of digital literacy.  The ability to process all of this information and be able to still keep your manners and be cordial while you are doing it.  There is not a single person that is to busy to write “Hello” at the beginning of an email.  Who knows, maybe you even put a “How are you?” in there.  I expect that in this course I will become more familiar with the professional uses of social media and possibly the correct way to blog something.  Maybe I should search, “What is a blog” before going any further.  To late.  For me to become an effective with digital literacy I will need to open myself up to all sorts of things that I have ignored and actively tried not to do.


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