Life is complicated.  I think about these kinds of things a lot but it is chaotic.  Like life.  I really do believe that every persons opinion should matter.  But I am not saying this in the way that you think I am.  I am saying that every persons opinion should matter to themselves.  Self confidence to believe in yourself and be comfortable with the idea that other people  might not agree with you.  The way it seems to be progressing though is looking a lot like fake confidence followed up with forcing your opinion on everybody else. I agree that sometimes your opinion needs to be put out there but it is not on every single topic.  See, I think we are focusing to much on the ends of the spectrum.  We are going with you will either be on the far left or the far right.  Why can’t I be in the middle?  I like the middle and the little bit of everything that I get to enjoy.  Why can’t I be confident in myself and still be reserved.  I have been meeting a lot of people that feel entitled to you liking them and listening to their opinion.  They were raised with the mentality that their opinion should be heard and if other people do not share it then they are your enemy.  Why can’t I have a different opinion than you?  It is exhausting.  I am constantly in a state of wonder who I am going to make mad because I do not agree with their opinion.  I will pick a topic that most people can identify with.  Religion.  I don’t agree with it.  That doesn’t mean that I care if you do.  I am not going to find out about your love for a God and try to convince you otherwise.  I have my thing, you have yours.  I believe that a lot of the hate that is in this world stems from people being to absorbed in the lives of other people. They get so wrapped up in what everybody else is doing that they forget to take a moment and appreciate the people that they love.  We don’t have time with all the gossip and keeping up with everybody else’s lives.  People are so worried about what everybody else is doing wrong that we forget that the whole point of this wonderful little thing we have is to make ourselves happy.  Are you happy?  What does happiness look like?  Is it money, power, or possessions?  Is it family, friends, or love?  I can tell you that mine does not look the same every day.  My happiness is sometimes being awake really early on a Saturday morning to eat breakfast and sit on my porch drinking coffee while the sun is coming up.  Other days it is sitting around a table playing cards with all of my good friends.  Cutting up on each other and just laughing.  My point is that you need to find what makes you happy.  Then you need to focus on those things.  Don’t let anybody tell you what you are doing wrong.  Their happiness is different than yours.  Smile.


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