Introverts Unite…..but keep it quiet.

I chose to use this TED talk because I am an introvert and it was the first time in my life that I have heard somebody speak in our defense.  Like Susan Cain states in the talk, I have always been told how I need to be more out going.  I finally just took to telling everybody that I don’t like people.  If they think you are angry then tend not to invite you to be around other people.  I need more time to myself and to have quiet than most of the people I know.  I think that the best point that was brought up in the talk was about the inclusion of group work in every part of our lives and how it is detrimental to some people.  I have noticed this trend as well.  It seems like every where we go for school or work it involves working in a group somehow.  I have always been a person that is self motivated and likes to complete tasks on my own.  It takes me a long time to get to know people and trust them.  So if I am forced into group work with four people I do not know I tend to be very uncomfortable while I am trying to think and help the group.  I am not a teacher but if I was to make one suggestion it would be that not everything needs to be done in groups.  I have noticed another trend where people are fading away from being able to think for themselves and I think part of the problem is this group work mentality.

I will finish this out by telling you what I think is a funny story.  About two years ago I transferred my job up to another part of Wyoming.  The people there are very friendly and it was an extrovert dominated environment.  I really confused all of them.  I am not rude but I tend to watch people very closely and to some people that is called staring.  If you talk to me I am very polite but I tend to keep conversations very short until I trust people.  Another thing that you would need to know is that I eat very healthy and there are a lot of times that I stand around eating apples.  So after a couple months of working there they invited me over to a dinner party.  I told them I would come because I wanted to be polite.  I did not plan on attending for very long.  Twenty minutes into the dinner party I noticed that everybody there started to relax.  They had seemed very tense, which in turn had made me uncomfortable, but I pressed on.  Finally somebody let out a sound of relief and said they were really excited I was not a serial killer.  Apparently, most of them thought that I might be a bit of a psychopath because all I did was stand around, eat apples, and stare at people.  What they needed to know was that is how I learn.


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