Learning Through Passion or Passion Through Learning

I think that we have all experienced that passion at one point or another.  That feeling like you had just found something that you really believed in.  Something that you felt like made you belong.  I didn’t think about it at the time but now I can compare my learning speeds.  I know how long it takes me to really learn something or how long it takes to me fake it until I make it.  Now that I think about it though, passion based learning is well ahead of the traditional curve.  It’s a lot like a foot race but passion based learning is Usain Bolt posing for the camera as he finishes the race in the finals at the Olympics.  I read a couple articles about this very thing called Passion-Based Learning and Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning.  I would say that I agree with a lot of what is said in these articles but I think that I would really emphasize two main points: Passion is contagious and Passion is a greater source for learning.

I had an experience recently where I caught the passion.  I was at a course that was training for becoming the armorer  for a specific type of firearm.  The teacher was very passionate about what he was teaching.  You could tell that he liked the type of firearm we were learning about but you could tell that what he was really passionate about was firearms in general.  You could see a sense of pride and happiness when he got to talk about how a firearm worked.  Taking firearms apart and working on them was part of the experience that added to being able to shoot.  He glowed when he talked and it made all eight hours of the course very entertaining.  Usually I die out about two hours into any course but he kept me until about hour six on pure passion alone.

I learned a lot in that course and I can remember times when I learned a lot in a very short period of time because I was passionate.  I remember my first year of wrestling.  I was 13 and didn’t really know what to think but I had some friends that were passionate and they convinced me to try it.  I did and I fell in love with it the same as they had.  Every time I lost that year was a learning experience and within another year I was beating the people who had been wrestling for 10 years.  It was a passion and it continued to be all the way through high school.

You can see this kind of thing everywhere.  Passionate people doing, speaking, and living their dreams.  All because they had passion.  I hope that passion gets into the school systems again.  Make it a great place to learn in an environment that is fun instead of taking state testing.


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