Simple Thoughts

I started off the week with some really great thoughts about living simply and then I read an article that bothered me a little.  I will fill you in.  I started with a TED talk about Happy Maps.

This talk was very interesting and featured something that I use often called mapping apps.  One that you may know about is Google Maps.  It was interesting to hear about how Daniele Quercia changed his path.  One day on his ride to work he took a street that he had never taken before and in doing so found a route that was much less traveled.  It wasn’t packed with cars and people and was actually very pretty.  This inspired him to create an app that does this very thing.  He did some research and developed routes that were based on other things besides efficiency like scenery, and enjoyment.  This is a wonderful idea because sometimes it is necessary to get out of our routine and enjoy something new.  I think that this is an amazing idea.  By just adding a couple of minutes to your commute you can have an entirely different experience and possible enjoy some beauty on the way.  This is a phenomenal idea to refresh the mind.

I then read an article about the destructive nature of Happy Psychology called THE ‘TYRANNY’ OF POSITIVE THINKING CAN THREATEN YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.  The article goes on from there attention grabbing tittle to say that the psychology of happiness has evolved to the point that it is doing more harm than it is good.  At first I didn’t think that this could be true, but it can.  Our ages way of over simplifying things has made it so that books and theories about choosing to be happy are not helping as much as hurting.  People are thinking much to simply just like when they think they can do one exercise that will make their belly fat disappear.  I believe that you can choose to be happy but it is not a simple task that you can just decide you are going to do.  You have to work for it.  There are going to be times when you will be sad, angry, or even depressed but part of having a healthy and happy mind is developing the skills needed to work through them in a healthy way.  It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows.  To choose to be happy when you obviously are not is only burying the problem.  Work on the problems so that you can keep a healthy mind.  Don’t bury them to just try and skip to being happy.  If you have the time to watch the TED talk(it is very short) or read the article, you should.


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