Personal Learning Network

So far I have established that not everybody whom’s name appears with the word philosophy should be followed.  A Personal Learning Network can be a great tool if you have something that you need help researching, continued learning, or just for a hobby.  A PLN (Short for personal learning network) is a network or group of people that have a common interest.  Just to use mine for an example we will talk about philosophy.  When doing my research into who to follow I did a lot of reading twitter accounts.  What I found is that philosophy is a pretty loosely used term.  A lot of people have it on their account to say that they think sometimes.  Another issue I had was that philosophy has different vantage points that they like to talk about.  Some of them have a strong religious feeling and then others might have a naturalist feeling.  Another thing I found out was that just because they love philosophy does not mean they will actually have a meaningful conversation on the topic.  Some people are constantly re-tweeting other peoples stuff or they are just trying to say inspiring things.

I am not telling you all of this for the sake of bagging on these people.  It is just saying that forming a PLN is not that easy.  I started with a broad idea and I had to focus it in on people that were having real conversations.  Your PLN may have a broad topic but you will have to work to get it narrowed down to the exact parts of that topic that you are after.  I have already had a couple of people talk to me and we have had a little meaningful conversation about philosophy.  It is just a hobby of mine so it is a little weird to be talking to a  professor of philosophy.  The PLN will be a great learning tool once I get it narrowed down and I can start focusing in on my fellow twitter goers that I want to talk with.


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