Pride in Happiness?

When we talk about pride it sometimes leaves a dirty aftertaste in our mouths.  A lot of people assume that if you have a lot of pride that you are arrogant and loud.  I was having a talk with a friend today about her needing to develop pride in herself.  She told me that pride was bad but that is not true.  Pride can be bad, yes, but it doesn’t have to be. Pride should be attached to your self-esteem.  There are two major forms of pride; authentic and hubristic.   One is good and one is bad.  Hubristic pride is forced pride.  The person is trying way to hard either because they were told that is how to be happy or they are trying to cover up for something else.  Hubristic pride is the kind of pride you define as arrogant.  They have no humility.  I am trying to get her to develop and cultivate authentic pride.  The kind of pride people have when they know that they are worth something.  I don’t want her to let people walk all over her.  She needs to stand up to them and tell them to stop.  Stand up for herself and develop pride.  I am not saying that this one instance of standing up for your self will create magic pride but it might be a great start.  When you lay down and let the world walk all over you then you are letting the world take your life in its hands.  You are letting somebody else control what your outcome is.  You have to work for your happiness.  You have to stand up for yourself and take control of your life to do what you need to for your happiness.  Being able to be humble and except humility does not mean that you can’t have pride.  Pride does not mean that you have to always be engaging people and forcing your opinion on them.  It just means that you are proud of who you are and that you will work for your own happiness.  Quit waiting for somebody to give you everything and work for it yourself.  Take your life and happiness into your own hands.  I know it sounds like a self help book but it is true.  You don’t have to stand up and roar like a lion and you don’t need to play dead like a possum.  Find that middle ground where you can be yourself and work for your happiness.


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