Project Based Learning

I chose to learn about project based learning because it sounded a lot like how I like to learn. I like to learn by doing and you could even say that I learn best when it is trial by fire.  Give me a mission and let me run.  I think that for people and especially myself that when we learn by doing a project that we are in control of and responsible for then the knowledge from it becomes more ingrained in us.  When we are learning about something from a text book and then answering a question on a test it is generally looking at information at face value.  When we learn by doing project it begins with something at face value but then you have to dig down to find other information.  When you are planning the project it takes finding all the in’s and out’s of the information and provides opportunity to think outside the box.  I imagine that a classroom would be a very active place with this kind of learning happening.  Kind of like walking around a zoo.  The teacher walks around checking out all the exhibits and acts as a facilitator for the class.  The teacher would stop every now and then and provide guidance, feedback, or warnings about possible outcomes.  I envision the room is spread out.  No desks that are lined up in single file order.  Table spread throughout the room with groups of students gathered around them working on their projects.  I watched a YouTube video on Project Based Learning.  It was interesting and very informational. The video talks about Manor New Technology High School in Manor Texas.  It is a school that is entirely based off of project learning.  Is a YouTube video on Manor New Technology High School.

I also read a couple posts from Project Based Learning Blog.  Its a site dedicated to information on Project Based Learning.

Here are some accounts on twitter that that speak primarily on Project Based Learning.

Project based learning would have a lot of advantages in school.  It’s only disadvantage that I could see is that it would take a lot more work to create meaningful content to keep the students engaged.  That is not to say that it wouldn’t be worth it but it would take work to transition from a normal system of education.  Not an excuse to not do it.



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