DS 106

Its FREE!  It is pretty cool that the course is free and it is so flexible.  DS 106 is a course that runs a few times a year, it is fifteen weeks, and is sponsored through the University of Mary, Washington.  I would say the coolest thing about it is the flexibility that it provides to participants.  You can join the course whenever you would like and you can quit whenever you need too.  The only requirements for the course are a strong internet connection and a will to learn.  The DS in DS106 stands for Digital Storytelling.  Digital Storytelling is a relatively new process that allows everyday people to utilize technology to tell a story.  The stories include the use of photographs, videos, voice overs, music, and text to tell stories about everyday life.  The beneficial part is that through this process the system is teaching you to use several technologies to tell the story.  Also, the use of various technologies will take people out of their comfort zones and get them to possibly try new things.  These new things can either go well or go poorly but at least you tried.  The only bad part that I see about this is that it says it requires a lot of time.  Not a big deal if you have a lot of free time.  A lot of the testimonies about the class say that most of the projects require several hours a week to complete.  If you are a working adult with a family then you might not have this amount of free time to dedicate every day.  I think it would be incredibly beneficial to do but it would be something that I started after I completed my degree.  There is another part of DS106 that is really cool.  It is called the Daily Create.  This is a 30 day challenge that can be started whenever.  The point of the Daily Create is to take people outside of their comfort zone but it requires less time.  Most of the projects require less than 15 minutes a day.  Most of us should be able to find 15 minutes a day to do something creative. If you go to their website you can look at the projects that are used everyday for the Daily Create.  The projects are simple but I can see how you could get very creative with them.  Overall it seems like a great idea for learning and its amazing that it is free.


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