Spaghetti Sauce

For my research on happiness i went through and watched a couple videos and read a couple articles but one TED talk stood out from the rest.  But there was a catch, the video was actually about spaghetti sauce as an analogy for  happiness.  The name of the video was “Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce.”

The video talks about how the spaghetti sauce companies from the 70’s were under the assumption that there was a universal truth for what is the best spaghetti sauce.  The same went for a lot of products but in this video he was talking about spaghetti sauce and a short stint on coffee which we will get too.  Through research it was found that there is no one universal answer about what is the perfect spaghetti sauce.  Instead it was found that variety is the spice of life.  The typical spaghetti sauce at the time was very well blended and did not have any chunks.  The variety was considered in amount of sugar or garlic.  Through research it was found that one third of the country preferred extra chunky spaghetti sauce.  One third of the nation was not being represented in the spaghetti sauce industry.  There was no variety.  Variety is the spice of life.  All of us have different things that we prefer over others and it is not the same for everybody.  People need options.  With coffee, if it is asked what kind of coffee people like, people say a dark, rich, and hardy roast.  In reality only twenty-five to twenty-seven percent prefer this while most prefer milky, weak coffee.  When people are asked what they like they want, most will answer with the same thing.  But when presented with options there is a variety of answers while most correlate into the about three types.  I think the main thing that I took from this video is that what makes everybody else happy isn’t necessarily going  to make you happy. Find what makes you happy and run with it.  If you have a spare seventeen and a half minutes you should watch the video.  It is very interesting.


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