It’s Your Identity

It has been a short time coming that our online identities will be just as important as our physical ones.  Just like in real life, everything you do causes an effect or ripple.  That ripple will go on and people will judge you based on those actions.  With the internet being as big a part of our lives as it is everything that we do on social media is recorded and stays there for the world to see.  Somebody told me about this ten years ago when I signed up for my first Facebook account and I didn’t believe them.  I thought there was no way that people could learn that much about me from what I posted.  I never was a person that posted a lot of things anyway.  Luckily for me it never really came back to bite me because I deleted my accounts a long time ago.  I am sure the information from my old Facebook account can be found somewhere but it didn’t pop up when I googled myself.  In fact, nothing popped up, and that is the way I like it.  I even typed it in with my middle name and nothing came up.  It has become very important to keep what you put on the internet important because you never know what people are going to look for or how they are going to use your information.  If somebody online can build a big enough profile on you then they can possibly steal your identity.  An even bigger deal is that jobs are now searching for your profiles and information online.  They can see what kind of person you are by what you post.  So you better keep it professional, create really strong privacy settings, or there is a possibility they don’t hire you based off of what they find.  I went to a job interview last year where they went as far as to ask me for all of my sign in information for all of my social media accounts.  There intent was to go through all of my information.  Luckily for me I didn’t have any accounts at that time and the only one I have now is the Twitter that we created for this class.  I watch the TED talk on our digital Tattoo and the link is below.

Another problem that is on the rise is cyber bullying.  I have never had a lot of issues with this and have not really known anybody, at least that I know of, that has dealt with this.  I have witnessed people making mean comments and such on things that I have read such as articles.  I has seemed to me that people are really tough and creative with words when they think that they have the internet in between them and the people they are after.  The only thing that I can suggest is to handle the problem like you could a regular bully.  Ignore them.  This is the internet there is no option besides ignoring them.  You can’t punch them in the face online.  If you react to what they are saying then it only gives them what they want.  If you ignore them, they will get bored and move on.  Usually the people who are trying to tear people down the most are doing it because they feel crappy inside.  Don’t let them bring you down to their level.  This is a link to an article I read on cyber bullying.



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