Being an Activist


I hadn’t really ever thought about the differences between being an activist online and being one in the street.  Each has it’s pros and cons.  Being an activist in the street involves more putting yourself out there.  You are physically in the situation and the effects could be physical as well as verbal.  You are putting face to the name.  The down side to it is that the activist is confined to the area that they physically in unless they gain media attention to spread their message.  The positive side to being an online activist is that there is a much larger network of people to reach out too.  The people that are the focus group don’t have to be in the immediate area.  The con of this is that you are not putting your face and presence into your activism.  This is something that I have always thought should happen.  Standing up to somebody and telling them who you are and what you believe.  Being online can be a savior because of the option of anonymity.  If the things you are fighting for could get you killed then it might be better to do it online.  This does present a golden opportunity for the youth of the world.   Youth used to be restricted on the parts of activism that they could participate in just because of their physical boundaries but with online activism they can start at a young age.  It could get the youth of the world into the fight and keep them informed on what is happening.  Congratulations to the youth who are doing what they can to help the world be a better place.  Teen Activism Finalist “It Gets Better” seeks to help people suffering from mental disorders to life happy and healthy lives.  The girl that created it was sixteen.  That is pretty incredible that somebody who is sixteen is willing to take on a huge task such as helping others with their mental disorders.  I cant say that I have ever been a digital activist in this way.  I am generally more of an advocate.  When I see somebody that is bullying somebody else I tend to start picking at the bully.     I have always been against bullies and I know that this doesn’t make me any better than the bully but it is my way to help somebody.  Draw attention away from them and take the bully on.  I can say that I have done this several times on Facebook when I had it and even in online courses through Chadron State.


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