My Attention Log

I find that I am very good at paying attention and staying on task.   It seems like I have been very busy the last few weeks so I am getting more of a feeling like I am sinking even though I am really not.  I don’t spend a lot of time doing what you would call “surfing the web”.  It is just not my thing.  I tend to get on the computer with a goal.  When that goal is to do homework then I do not stray much from that.  I do realize a lot of times when I need a break and I will stop and go watch a Youtube video or two to let my mind relax.  Youtube would be my only distraction that I can say comes up at any point when I am busy.  It doesn’t come up often but it does.  Mostly movie trailers and funny talk show clips.  The problem is that when I am focusing on something I want to be close to the situation.  This means that while I am sitting at a computer I tend to sit with very poor posture.


I can feel it in my back.  I am trying to make a conscious effort to stop sitting like this and sit up strait but it only works when I pay attention to it.  If I am paying attention to how I am sitting then I am not one hundred percent focused on what I should be doing and if I focus in on what I am doing then I end up sitting like this.  It is very disappointing.  I will say that I know that life can not be all work and no play.  i will give myself breaks and Youtube a couple videos.  I let myself get distracted for two and a half minutes the other day and watched a video over the difference between effect and affect.  It was actually quite helpful.  I have a little bit of time every morning while I eat breakfast and before I go to sleep to go through the things that I enjoy.  While I do not send a lot of Snapchats, I do like to look at the stories and the snaps I get from my siblings of my nieces and nephews.  Most of the rest of my free time is invested in the Chive.  Maybe 15 minutes a day if the app is lucky.  I like the random pictures and funny content.  I would not describe myself as an interesting internet user.  For the most part I only use it to accomplish work but I do enjoy a little Youtube and The Chive time.


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