Podcasts and Digital Stories


Both of these things are pretty foreign to me.  I had heard of podcasts but never listened to one.  One of my favorite sites to waste extra time on, which happens pretty rarely, is The Chive.  They have a podcast but I have never been motivated to listen to it.  Maybe I will now that I know what it is.  One of the things that made me feel like podcasts could be a good learning tool was in the article “What Teens are Learning from Serial and Other Podcasts.”  One of the teachers in the article said that they had not heard the Podcast “Serial” before they and their class were listening to it. I think that this would make for strong conversations.  One of the new standards for common core is the listening skills of students and this helps with that but it also puts them on the same level as the teacher.  I think one of the hardest parts of being a teacher would be to get students involved in conversations about the subject matter.  The teacher already knows the information.  But in this case the teacher is learning right along with the student.  The information is knew on both ends so the conversations and projects would be new to the teacher as well.  The teacher would need to be constantly monitoring the class to make sure that the projects are applicable and interesting.  If all you do is sit there and listen to podcasts and talk about them then there is no proof of teaching for state standards.

The Digital Story telling thing is a little weird to me.  When we first talked about it earlier in the course I was under the impression it would be pretty worthless but now I can see the merit to it.  I don’t know if anybody wants to hear my voice narrating anything.  I did find a story that I identified with.  It was about a woman who took up running as a way to make herself feel better.  I did the same thing a little over three years ago. Lost a bunch of weight and even though I had never been a runner in my life, I really enjoy running now.  The story was called “Run Your World.”  It was an empowering story about taking control of your life for the better.  I like the digital story telling now because it is personal and it takes a lot of creativity.  Creativity should be a large part of education.


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