Creation Tools


I would say that these creation tools could be pretty handy.  I have always kind of wondered how people created these posters, flyers, and such.  I figured there was some kind of tool out there but I didn’t think that it would be free on the internet.  This may come in handy one day when inviting people to something like, oh say, graduation.  I really might use it.  I think it is handy enough that I could make it funny and get the word out where people can meet me after the ceremony since I don’t have Facebook.

This could also be a very useful tool for kids in school.  We talked about digital activism a few weeks ago and this seems like a good tool to help with putting together a representation of their ideas so that they can get it out in emails.  Maybe even print them out and go hand them out to people on the street.  They might have to venture out to the office store to print out flyers.  It would be useful to them to know how to make invitations for their events and put them out to all of their family.  I could see this being a very useful tool for a lot of people.

Like we discussed a while ago, creativity is something that needs to be fostered in young people so they don’t grow up like me.  I am not very imaginative.  It happens.  The comic strip creation tool could be a great opportunity for teachers to utilize the internet to bring out the creativity in their students.  Its like the newer and much better version of making a collage on paper.  Although, while googling how to spell collage I did find that they have a tool specifically for that on the internet.  Damn internet.  Always out thinking me.  Does anybody else remember that awful time in your lives when you were given a box full of magazines and told to make a collage that represented your life.  Maybe you actually enjoyed it but I didn’t.  The comic strip creator would be a pretty neat way to make something that appeals directly to the student and they are not hindered by what pictures they can find and bartering to trade with somebody else for a better picture.  It would be a fantastic tool for a student to express themselves and create something that is far more specific to them.


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