Happiness is Simple

What have I learned?  The answer is in the title.  I have learned that the path to happiness is different for everybody.  But for me the path to being happy started when I stopped trying to buy happiness.  I used to buy a lot of worthless crap and invested a lot of money into going out and having fun with my friends.  I am not saying that going out with my friends was not fun but it is not something that needs to be done that often.  For me happiness comes from the simple things.  Here is one more TED talk that you should watch called “Less Stuff, More Happiness.”  I think that I will tell you about some of the simple things that make me happy.

A few years ago I started to get up early.  I work early every day so I decided to set my schedule.  Most of the time I do not go out on weekends because I don’t want to ruin one thing that makes me really happy.  Waking up early on the weekend, going upstairs, eating breakfast, and enjoying my coffee.  No rush.  Just taking my time and enjoying the quiet.  This cup is far to small but the picture has the right feeling.


The next thing that brings me real happiness is to be able to accomplish goals.  Even if they are small goals like chores around the house.  The big goals like getting a better job, graduating college, or moving to the right place are pretty wonderful as well but the little things can make you feel pretty good.

And then there is sitting on my front porch.  I love it on a cool fall evening.  The American Flag flying five feet away, a lawn chair, a good beer, and a good book.  I could sit like that for hours and only get up for the two things that I am pretty sure I don’t have to explain.  Enjoy the peaceful evening and a delicious beer.  I love beer, and not in the alcoholic way.  I love the taste.


That, to me, sounds like a nearly perfect day.  I won’t say it is perfect because someday I might find something that makes it better.  I have found that my happiness is not in possessions.  The things that make me happy are the same ones that did when I was a kid, excluding beer.  Family, Friends, Good Drinks, Good Food, and Laughter.


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